This is not something I usually do but I really liked this article about the Push and Pull strategy. During class I didn’t understood the difference really about this two strategy.

Basically Push strategy is when you make all the advertising efforts to position your brand/product in the consumer’s mind. You need to reach your consumer via anything and have awareness. “Taking the product to the customer”


Snickers is everywhere, constantly making new advertising strategies, they are in prints, social media, everywhere.

Pull strategy is for brands or products/services that are well known within the market. The consumer has a need and he/she has options to choose from and via searching, consulting and word of mouth he/she will decide what to choose. “Getting the customer to come to you” its just selling by yourself.


Apple can release any product under the main brand and people trust the products because they trust the brand. Products sell by themselves and efforts are minimum for competition purposes.


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