A Burger King Wedding? Yeah… you heard me right

Burger King has offered to pay the expenses and provide gifts for the wedding of a Springfield area couple with an interesting connection to the fast food restaurant chain. What a great way to do marketing than sponsoring this coupple’s wedding. Burger King, after seeing the following image started seeking for this couple to give them the astonishing news.


This is a very creative way to unite a natural, fast growing , event commonly known by social media an opportunity to make something great.


Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing in the U.S. It is a way to have a competitive advantage, in this case, in a very creative way. Sometimes it is common events that are previously planned in which we can take an opportunity and sponsor in exchange of a benefit, but in this case, in my opinion the most spontaneous and most memorable one, the natural events of life. This are the opportunities a great Marketeer has to search everyday to make it a top of mind.

Here are some creative and trendy sponsorships used now a days:

  • Event apps, they show you a numerical part of the number of visitors, click and you can easily track the customers and potential ones.
  • Interactive walls, they engage people to interact with actions like drawing, taking photos etc. Here is a clear example.
  • QR Code games, these are very trendy because you can see what an audience is thinking at the moment and use it to exchange ideas all being fun, interactive and instant. Here is an example.
  • Green sponsorship, it helps companies be related to a eco-friendly action.