A little help from Millward Brown

A little help from Millward Brown


We help marketers explore brand insights to determine future strategies through our brand performance programs and consulting approaches. We have a solid understanding of how brands grow value, and we can help you optimize your go-to-market strategy, reach the right consumers and make your brand stand out from the competition.



BrandZ it’s a database that evaluates many enterprises brand equity. It holds data from over 650,000 consumers and professionals from over 31 countries and comparing over 23,000brands. This report holds the top 100 global brands and it’s been launched since 2006. To date we can see also Top 50 Indian BrandZ report, Top 50 Most valuable Latin American Brands and coming on December the Top 100 Chinese BrandZ report.


In the Top 10 of the most valuable brands in Mexico we can see

Top 10 Mexico



Also the company has launched a new app called Millward Brown Perspectives where you can see daily news, brand strategies,  creative development, social news,  brand performance and more…


Stay tuned with with the app!