Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Every time I go to Austin, Tx a visit to the Alamo Drafthouse is always on my agenda. The amazing experience of and odd, cool, vintage cinema always keeps me in. After sooo many visits I had to analyze why me and my family where so attracted to go to the movies there and not to any common theater. So when I entered the installations I realized that I felt amused, enthusiastic and somehow strange. I felt like in the old days where pictures where all animated, posters in dark colors and big letters, and odd phrases everywhere. When you enter you can’t stop watching everything and realize that that was the trends of the past. But somehow they keep new things ad hoc. The experience inside the theater is great, the menu (excellent food btw), getting to order during the movie and the trailers…. OOOOH the trailers!!!

Alamo 1

Note: If you go to an Alamo Drafthouse it is obligatory to arrive 30 minutes before the movie because what distinguish this cinema is the awesome trailers. 20 minutes of fun, topic related trailers and clips that go with the movie theme or idea of the old days. For example for Lucy they played lab experiments clips, por Jurassic Park  old dinosaur movie clips and for Inside Out some curious information about the brain and some hidden secrets in the Pixar’s films.

Everything is awesome here, it just gets to you. Specially here in Austin people want to do things different, have odd experiences out of the basic normal stuff. So why not go here? You have both new and old movies, matine’s, great food, delicious adult shakes,  an experience of the cool, vintage, old days at the cinema and overall, GREAT MOVIE CLIPS.