Brands take advantage on the oscars and more…

Let’s take a look to last night’s Oscars 2015.

The main trending topics in U.S. and Mexico on Twitter 

Some of last years facts

  • According to Twitter, the 2014 Academy Awards telecast was the most tweeted non-sporting live event of the year, with more than 17 million Oscar-related tweets over the evening. The Epic Selfie was retweeted nearly 3.4 million times, causing Twitter’s servers to go down for more than 20 minutes.-LA Times.
  • In 2014 the Oscar telecast on average had 10 minutes and 58 seconds of advertising time each hour, the highest it had ever been.-Kantar Media.
  • Last year’s Oscar show set a daunting bar: 45 million viewers, the most watched nonsports telecast since Friends‘ finale in 2004, and a 12.9 rating among adults 18-to-49.-The Hollywood Reporter.
  • The average cost for :30 ad in 2014 was $1.76 million and total ad volume was $95 million.-Kantar Media.
  • Facebook said 11.3 million people engage in 25.4 million interactions about the Oscars last year. Twitter reported there were 14.7 million tweets during the telecast.-Mashable.

Let’s see how some brands used this main event seen worldwide to create traffic in their own websites and be part of this



This year’s facts

  • Why they chose NPH? This year, Neil Patrick Harris will host. The actor has 12.7 million Twitter followers and doesn’t have a TV talk show to promote the telecast each day.- NY Post.
  • Marketers, who typically target the high concentrations of female viewers, are paying $1.9 million per 30 seconds, up from $1.8 million last year.-NY Post.
  • The Academy will spend the $5.5 million on advertising on cable and satellite channels and on social media sites — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported on the Oscar marketing plan, based on a leaked ad agency report.-NY Post.
  • 61.4% of the audience for last year’s telecast was female (28.1 million viewers). -Nielsen.


  • ABC has televised every Oscars telecast since 1976, the network has a $75 million-a-year contract with the Motion Pictures Academy to air the awards show through 2020.-Disney.


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