Cereal Day

March 7th, 2015

Annual cereal sales $7.7 Billion
Annual boxes of cereal sold 2.7 Billion
Number of annual cereal television advertisements 1.3 million


A lab developed a study and discovered that the cereals with more sugar are: Corn Pops 45%, Apple Jacks 43% Fruti Aros by Great Value 43%, Cookie Crisp by Nestlé 41%.  Also they discovered that 60% of the cereal shopping decisions depend on kids. As marketeers we need to understand who our customer really is and what kind of publicity is going directed to them. This kids decide the flavour, colors and type of cereal they want. All the marketing efforts will be directed to this little guys. Australians have the third place on cereal consumers in the world behind UK and Ireland.


Let’s see some cool commercials about cereals.



Always remember you can make something out of nothing!