Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself


Recently I heard 2 really good songs that stopped me for a second to think about myself at the moment. First Colbie Calliat’s song ‘Try’ really made me think about beauty, self-acceptance and love.with 24 million views and impacts till today it really helped me reaffirm to myself that nobody needs to impressed outsiders, or act to demonstrate something to someone else. Every time I hear it it reminds me that I’m beautiful the way I am, makeup is not a disguise but a tool to stand out my features, clothes and brands don’t help me feel better about myself they are just a way to express who I already am. The lack of self-awareness in today’s society reflects an emptiness in people that compensates through social standards, wanting social acceptance, hiding in clothes and makeup and not being who your really are.

Here’s the video for you to see it.


The other song is ‘All about that bass’ by Meghan Trainor ranking number 1 in Billboard’s top 100 with 84 million views and impacts till today. This hit song caught my attention because of the lyrics and rhythm meant for all those girls who have different bodies from the social ”standard”.  The song embraces curves, volume, real beauty, and booty!


But what does “All About That Bass” actually mean? What’s the bass?
“You know how the bass guitar in a song is like its ‘thickness,’ the ‘bottom’? I kind of related a body to that,” Trainor told Billboard


Again, society needs to start embracing real beauty set apart from standards that deform our interior as our exterior. People are meant to be different and accepting that kind of beauty helps us to live happy with who we are and not living at other’s expectations.

See the video now.

Sometimes we just need to think in the good we, as marketers, are giving to the world, to our society, to us. Social responsibility is now a days a big issue we need to put first against anything along with ethics and moral.

You’ll never disappoint anyone if you live by your own standards in life. -Me