Female Leaders

Female Leaders


Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Snadberg, COO of Facebook gives a TED Talk about female leaders. In it she shows how women underestimate their capacities vs. men and how can we obercome that. This conference encourages them to make a balance between work and personal life, how to stay strong in a job and not giving up what you really want.

1. Sit at the table. Now a days men are seeking for more growth oportunities than women, and they won’t give up. Men attribute their success to themselves while wemen attribute it to someone els and luck. We have to sit at the table, put ourselves at the same level as others to learn form them, observe them in order to learn how they think, how they act and speak for yourself. If there’s a meeting why not sit at the main table, why sit at the back? It’s just a matter of opportunities and who gets it first to show how bad we want success.

2. Make your partner a real partner. Motherhood it’s also a job. We need to have a balance between home and work and involve our partner to equally share the responsabilities in order to achieve success. Divorce has tormented our society and one of the reasons is not being able to balance this factors.

3. Don’t leave before you leave. Women start to think about their future and consecuences to far long before even consider the present situation. Thinking about the future IFS can make you take a step back because of fear and can prevent you from taking the biggest oportunities. ”Leave your feet on the gas pedal.”

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