From Wall Street to pizza solidarity

From Wall Street to solidarity

First, you gotta check this video from the Ellen Degeneres Show.

This guy just went from working to living a passion. His work has become harder but the good he makes in society is so much worth it. This is a great way to promote this business at the show but also a great role model that society needs desperately nowadays. We have lost our sense of solidarity with our neighbors, with people in need, we have lost the ability to see beyond our necessities and worst, we have lost our humanity for work and money. It seems now a days that working isn’t the same as following your passion and we emerge in a world that we no longer live passionate for, it is time to change this.

Furthermore, this is a great way to make advertisement for Ellen at the shop but not only to promote herself but to spread the word that she impulses people like this in order to continue doing good work. I invite you to see more examples like this of what she does and get thinking what we can do today, with our neighbor.

This is just a great example of humanity during this new age of a  technological world.