Gluten Free Trends

Gluten Free Tendencies

  • What is  Gluten free?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley or any of their crossbred varieties and derivatives. In baking, gluten is the binding agent within the flour that prevents the baked good from crumbling. As such, gluten is found in many processed and packaged foods.

  • Who is the consumer?

Part of the consumers are people who have an  intolerance or allergies to it. Others are more influenced by the organic and natural tendencies and choose the products related to eat healthier and more natural. Also products providing form corn and wheat tend to be processed by the stomach slower than any other products and damage the metabolism. Gluten causes health problems in sufferers of celiac disease

  • Trends

Gluten free products sales are increasing faster than the low-sugar or low-carbs.  Over 15% of consumers are choosing this products as a part of their lifestyle rather than just some temporarily diet. Snacks, daily consumed products, gourmet food and desserts are the type of things you can find gluten free.

  • Market

In the US, the 2012 sales estimation was for $4.2 billions and the predictions for 2017 reach to the US $6.6 billions. Nowadays is more common to find this products in store shelves, bakeries and markets.

  • Marketing actions

This new tendency will lead brands to extend their lines and create gluten free products to reach this new market that’s growing potentially. Marketers could probably start labeling products this way, even those that had never contained gluten free (It’s just sometimes a mind game). As some of the recent actions the  girl scouts added a gluten free cookie for their sales.