How about a shower?

Havaians, a 1962 company and a very popular brand of flip-flops, is making sure that its branding is all over the world, and the beaches! From its soul collection, family products, wedding designs and personalized sandals this company is everywhere.

In Brazil there is a tradition of delivering a pair of sandals to the wedding guests so they can dance all night and the party is not over. Of course Havaians has a special line for this special occasion.

Is it that in Mexico we have similar traditions such as slippers in weddings? or converse? Could flip-flops have a chance in the Mexican market? Yes I think they do. The Mexican beaches, specially the Caribbean, are a potential market for brands like this to explore new opportunities and make a bigger impact internationally. Now their new marketing strategy is this huge 3 m tall flip-flop showers that are steeling everyone’s attention.

The 3-metre tall showers will be around all summer in a selection of beaches all around Europe, including Great Britain, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.-

This is a perfect way to sell an image to the public, to be reminded by the public, to consumers and potential ones. Through experience they create a memory that will stay with you long time. If it is just a way to have fun or really making an impact it will be remembered by everyone and every summer people will look forward to seeing this showers and having fun.