I Want You to be Happy Day

March 3rd, 2015

Stop, wait a minute (no, it’s not Bruno mars new song). I want you for a moment to not think about yourself, try it for only today, that’s what this festivity is all about. Celebrate today by doing more than wishing someone is happy.  Small details DO make the difference, so think about what others like, what you can do or give to them to make them smile (for you don’t know what could be happening in their lives a sweet moment is never ungrateful). This can be helpful to know others deeply, as Marketers this help you in knowing you target market, what you mean to them, the experiences they can have with you and the details that make the difference. As a brand is always necessary to think in the costumers, the insiders and outsiders, to benefit them primarily. SO think what you can do Now, stop reading go ahead and DO IT.

Good day

Always remember you can make something out of nothing!