Jingles and YouTube

Have you noticed lately, well we all have, that the ads on YouTube appear more than ever? Have you seen or participated in the polls between each video? Well I think this is all part of a moving campaign that’s been bothering us and will keep bothering us, but in some cases amuse us.

If you have a Tv you may notice that for the pasts year we have been complaining about commercials… until TiVo appeared and all those FORWARD programs we began to bought. Then as if magic we had no pauses, no commercials. Netflix doesn’t use commercials every 20 minutes but other providers such as Hulu may seem that you are just watching a normal TV with may be 1 or 2 ads less but it’s the same. A pro for ads is definitely for the products and companies advertising that’s always a pro and you get restroom breaks, food breaks or even standing up breaks. And when they started to disappear we began to be more sedentary than ever ’cause we had no stop, hours and hours can pass by and we don’t notice, as for when we have ads we have our phone, change channel, see the time and realize it has been too much.

So then when YouTube began to be a mayor network where Tv Shows, music and artist posted contents, episodes, music albums we had unlimited time to see continuous videos. But then they started to appear, yes, ads began to appear between each 6 or 7 videos and it was ok, you could always after 5 sec click skip. But now… Oh Now. I get it that companies need to have a presence, people need to make business and money, but most times they do it they seem worse. Every 4 videos of 4 min you get an ad and most of the time a full 30 sec video, you get polls and promos. It’s like we are all over the old tv again.

Well if you are going to do it at least make it good. Some companies, better said their marketing offices, haven’t realize that if you have the 5 sec waiting until the skip option we WILL click it so you have only 5 seconds to make it good. Most ads start by the 2nd second just greeting and by the 5th second they are done, goodbye, sayonara!  So the challenge is on, 5 seconds to capture the viewer’s attention, How? well that the trick. Some have done it by jingles, or talking directly to the viewer, sounds, images, experience, storytelling. This ad is the one that inspired me to write this article, it even convinced me to buy the product… Yeah! It got me thinking about what life is really about, what I have been doing and what I am doing today and that I need to wake up and do something…. awake my inner child. Yes, the product is very good, well at least it looks good. But the song is catchy, it has a story you can relate too and the way they demonstrate technology wow. You have to see it. Please leave your comment about it!