Krispy Kreme – Such a fun experience

Such a delicious pleasure it is to have a donut, specially a Krispy Kreme donut.  I had the experience recently to see the process of making donuts and it was fascinating, specially the glaze!!!


After the free donut day, they had dozens and dozens of donuts made that they and they were giving them away to the customers and it was FANTASTIC! Just as I was about to order the same donut for $ they gave it to me for free so, why not, I ordered a combined one to try something new.  Giving free some product at store is not so much loosing money, but making the client feel happy about receiving something for free. So if they are happy they will buy more. It’s all about the feelings!! (This time not about the bass).

Free Stuff= Happy

Happy= Satisfaction

Satisfaction= That time when you buy for no good reason but just because it feels good.

There is one powerful distinction in sales that gives certain professionals a profound advantage: Regardless of what you’re selling, whether it’s products, services or advice, people buy based on feelings. –Larry Pinci and Phil Glosserman Authors of Sell the Feeling

Feelings have the more influence in decision-making than any other factor. When you are angry you don’t care about the product’s features you just buy what’s first in front of you. When you’re in love you care about what you buy and to whom you are buying. When you are happy you buy more and when you’re sad you don’t even think about buying at all. So what Krispy Kreme did here was fantastic because 2 of the 3 families that shopped at the same time (including us) were tempted and bought the dozen pack instead of just a donut per member. Incentives do work! specially if they influence emotions directly!