Lipstick Gorilla

Lipstick Gorilla


These are some quotes I recollected from blogs, articles and more on the Lipstick Gorilla issue for you to understand more about it.



Lipstick on the gorilla is what we branding people call it when a company does great communications but does not fundamentally change the business itself. And the NAB gorilla, as we were about to learn, was not for changing.


What I mean is that design is sometimes used to put a bit of surface gloss into  something that is fundamentally not that pretty underneath.


To use another analogy, it’s a bit like using a nice wallpaper to paper over the cracks in your wall. It’s short-lived and doesn’t address the underlying issues.


The challenge for us designers, is to get that message across more effectively and get the industry to buy into the benefits that design can deliver when used correctly.


As they say in the industry – putting ‘lipstick on a gorilla’ won’t change the fact that it’s a gorilla.


A rebrand or a campaign is impactful if it makes the experience of a brand stronger; but can be downright dangerous if all it does is paint a picture to mask culture challenges or to compete in new areas without having the ability to do so.