We don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply.

Recently, I read an article by Blanca Vergara about listening to make an impact and crossed my way with this phrase. “We don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. It’s not hurry or the noise of the world, it’s our ego. We want to show to the other person that we know.” Immediately I opened my blog and had to start writing about my recent experiences and how I relate this idea to work, to life.

I am very headstrong with my ideas and opinions, the kind of person who fights for their voice, for its own version of the truth  and right doing. As I have reached my last semester of university and have experienced many situations in which teamwork has taught me many many things, one of them to listen. One of my working areas personally has been to stop my mind and listen, but not just that but understand why the other person expresses such ideas, what has he/she has been through, education, experiences, beliefs that have made them the person standing in front of me.  The hardest part is to understand the other and try working into a dialogue, and personally my urge to be, to say has stopped me many times in achieving so.

Now I understand why it is so important to listen, as Blanca says listening is being in the moment, connecting with the other and challenging your assumptions. As life carries away we go along living for a future life and not connecting with today. Society  lives for a promising tomorrow, even though many movies, phrases and people teach us not to do so, but habits prevent us from changing. Listening is comprehending, understanding the other, and loving them for who they are, even when you urge to change the other and make them think as you do, understanding is respect to the other. By doing so you can make a better impact through your words. Sometime by living in the rush we regret our actions because we didn’t think it through, so by pausing and thinking, listening and connecting you can think of a better way to persuade. Adapting your ideas to a different way of saying thing, different situation to represent your mind or a better moment to say what you feel can make you have a better impact.

As marketeers listening is a key factor to excel in our profession. During my finals, I had to persuade in a 20 minute presentation a KAM to implement new strategies in a convenience store. My team and I didn’t LISTEN the requirements and didn’t present the needs that our client demanded, we failed in what we supposed did best. That has happened to me many times, and not in my school projects but in projects such as Loreal’s Brandstorm competition, RCI competition and many more. Listening not only make us have a better connection with the other but understand what they want and need, and more important then that is WHY they want it. Once you understand this last part your whole purpose of work changes to make a better impact.

So, are you ready to stop thinking, stop figuring out the best argument to win the fight and start listening?

I wanted to understand her.to understand who she is.Here and now you can connect with the other.Challenge your assumptions. Be curious like a child. Listen like you have never heard that before.