MAE #1

My Austin Experience #1

Just about entering Jole’s in Austin, Tx. my jaw dropped for like 20 minutes. This isn’t just another coffee shop, it offers working tables, comfortable cushions, delicious drink mixes, desserts and AWESOME t-shirts. This last thing was what really caught my attention… please visit this page to see the incredible designs. This are everyone’s thoughts physically expressed in every day wearable clothes.  The KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD THING is really getting into me now.

But the most amazing experience was the next t-shirt


And just as I was entering the store a guy was checking it out and laughing… really didn’t get why until…. He told me he worked at GOOGLE!! Yes he actually worked there and I couldn’t stop laughing. He kindly let me take a picture and you can see in his uniform he worked in the company. He told me that he ordered several t-shirts for seminars they organize to give them to the audience, which I thought it was pretty cool.


I like that big companies get involved with local ones to create something amazing, fun, innovative and different. Standards, rules, social status, appearances are not relevant anymore. Austin keeps teaching me different is good, necessary and fun.