New approach SoLoMo


SOcial LOcal MOvil... a new marketing approach. This three key elements help you create a custom marketing strategy helped by the platforms used now a days. solomo

Social means people are well connected with today’s technology and have more access to send and receive information than before. Sharing information has become an important tool for everyone and everything. Reviews about products or movies, recommendations of places, dishes, tutorials and more

Mobile  represents the facilities that we have today by using the internet and the different apps to connect people, services, products and more throughout the world. Owning a smartphone or tablet makes it faster and easier for people to find, buy or sell things. The rapidly increase of owning one of these elements forces people and businesses to adapt to this new way of living.

Local refers to location… people’s location. Today many companies, through their apps, offer you a rating and comment service for you to make and share with friends that also helps as a publicity key. To be able to share where you are helps you find people, places, services and to create a history pattern that helps enterprises determine what kind of consumer you are or determine behavior patterns and by that offer you a more accurate service or product of your interest.

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What is So(Social) Lo(Local) Mo(Mobile) and Why is it important to Marketers?