National Frozen Food Day

March 6th, 2015

First of all go to your freezer and sing HALELUYAH cause those son of a …. Jajaja have saved your life most times. Have you ever wonder who invented this great way of keeping food like forever, well a long time. People have been freezing foods as a means of preservation since as early as 1000 B.C., when the Chinese stored goods in ice cellars.

Clarence Birdseye figured out the logistics of selling frozen foods. “He realized that the key was to freeze instantly the food because it was so cold — that was the key to making frozen food good.” In 1928, Birdseye was successful in creating the double belt. In 1930, the first line of frozen foods went public.  Now a days frozen food is very ambiguous because of the needs of preserving the flavor. This YouTube channel takes care, as many others, of rating Frozen food for customers out there wondering. So companies, be careful!!

 Check out this YouTube channel about frozen food reviews!


The new tendencies to go for more organic, fresh and chemicals-free product can affect this market segment although for practicity this  will always exist and needs like this are everyday everywhere.