National Salesperson Day

March 6th, 2015

National Salesperson Day is established to recognize the value of the truly professional salesperson. We as Marketeers should take care of this special people everywhere for they are the ones connecting with our customers and doing the real job. It is a profession that needs to be taken seriously in the companies for this people should be selected, trained and supervised for doing the right job, they are presenting all the hard work behind the product to the customer and it depends on them that the experience feels real and keeps memorable.


Every professional, specially marketers, should be a sales specialist for we all sell ourselves or a special interest at some point of our lives. This is a subject that we can all learn from for we sell from our work to a company, an idea, an investment project, a recommendation to a place/product/service and many more.

Some attributes are:

  • Managing stress really well
  • They know how to get thing done
  • They are highly motivated

The Best example of a salesman is represented by Will Smith in The pursuit of happiness.