Princess rebellion

Princess rebellion


What’s happening to the new generations? Yes, I know! they are starting to think!!!! No surprise. We’ve all commented nowadays on how recent Princess movies such as Brave have led young generations to another way of aspirational dreams and role models.


Let’s take a step back and analyze the first ever princesses. They where young, naive, emotional and 100% dependent on men. Today, many reply on how this (old) princesses are not the perfect example for today’s youth but has anyone realize that each princess reflects society at the time in which they were created. We can not apply Snowhite’s example or Cinderella’s to today’s youth because they do not reflect modern days lifestyles. is a for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart and a passionate social change mission: arming thousands of people with pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism and anti-sexism T-shirts that act as “mini-billboards” for change.-


FCKH8 launched a video in which young girls go against typical princess attitudes, and it’s good! They should realize that those princess attitudes do not apply to today’s behavior but they should also learn that they reflect a way in which women behaved in the past. Society should take them as a timeline of women attitudes a long time and should educate young girls into appreciating the good of every movie and learning not to take everything so seriously.


Yeah! We should now what’s happening now a days with our society and combat this issues but through education, respect and communication. I applaud the movies like Mulan, Brave and Tangled that show us how to fight against our fears and go after our dreams!