Social marketing homeless lesson to learn

Green Tangerine Salon & Spa in Boston Massachusetts has made a big impact in social media and Tv shows. Let’s see why in  this video and learn more about their social marketing homeless lesson.

This salon is offering homeless folks free haircuts to brighten their days, “Haircuts for the soul”. They preach through their motto “Because you never need an excuse to be good to yourself ” that beauty is within yourself and they help every customer find it.

To renew your spirit, calm your mind, and recapture that healthy glow, inside and out? ​ ​Our full-service spa will help you find the answers. 

By expanding their business into making an impact on those who cannot afford a haircut, or as simply as food and shelter, they bring hope, happiness and self-confidence to make a better society. This is what marketing is all about, and in this case a social marketing homeless lesson: giving people something deeper than a product or service. Sometimes a feeling, values, something as simply as this makes a person feel and be better and that will stay with them forever. When you connect with the customer at an emotional level you create a bond that fulfills the whole purpose of marketing “Loyalty”. This does not only mean that a customer buys you in a frequent period of time, this means that someone believes in you because you have given them something they haven’t found in others (added vale).


Here’s an important lesson from our friends from Green Tangerine Salon & Spa “Changing your hair can change your life, because we give these women a bit more confidence, they feel better about themselves” It’s always said that when you feel good on the inside you portray it on the outside. If they are giving this chance to those who can’t, what are you doing to help other feel better? To make society feel better and be better?