What if ordinary was a trend, would you be part of it? What if typical stereotypes where in today, would you like to be part of it? Ordinary, sameness, routine, somehow we all get to that point when we are just part of it. It doesn’t have to be always a fashion topic, we are ordinary in our way of thinking, working, creating, executing. But what about education? Are we ordinary students? Is Mexican education an ordinary model?

When we go to school, we do the same thing as we did in our first years of primary school, we sit, open our notebook and write. Yes, we do sometimes write our own opinions on the side of the sheet, or dare to comment with classmates. But what about daring yourself, the teacher, the education? Thankfully I had an awesome guide through my university years that thought me that not only teachers teach, or books serve as references. Every time I had an assignment I tried to look up on the internet several references and examples that can provide me a wider image of the thing. Who hasn’t gone to YouTube to look for math tutorials? Yeah, it can sound embarrassing but that’s the path of education, teaching each other through tutorials, no wonder why social media sensations get paid so much, they have an opinion and an experience to share.

I like to think that we are the ones that have changed education through the advances of technologies. But what now? What’s left for education? A LOT. We as students need to have more initiative to look for more, go beyond, dare. Education systems should involve technology to get better, modernized, in touch with the world outside the classroom today. If students are already using technology to go to Facebook, Twitter and other social media, why not use that energy and those devices to make something new and attractive for everyone. So why not innovate today, your surroundings with the tools that are there for everyone. It’s just a matter of doing things now!