Theory Vs. Practice

“In theory, practice is simple”

“But, is it simple to practice theory?”

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.”

What’s the problem between theory and practice? Studying vs real life? Certainty vs experimenting? Well I recently started thinking that school only gives us the ability to widen our thinking skill. It gives us velocity, variety, amplitude. But in school we only learn theory and that means that we have a predicted result at the end of the day. We have rules, predicaments, theories, formulas. We’ve all been through the stage when we asked our teachers and parents what derivatives and integrals will serve us for. Or what (1+x) n = 1+nx+ n(n−1) 2! x 2 + n(n−1) (n−2) 3! x 3 + n(n−1) (n−2) (n−3) 4! x 4 +… (1) will be useful for. And it will be for nothing… well. It is helpful to know how to solve problems, maybe you don’t remember the formulas but remember that there IS somewhere a formula out there that will be helpful.


But practice… o great practice is the mother teacher of all schools. Everybody says that real life teaches us how to fall and rise, how to learn from mistakes, and it’s true. You learn more about yourself than anything else, how you behave, think about problem solving, time, organization, people-skills, anything. It is more effective for the experiences are remembered by your brain and when confronted by similar situations you remember in your consciousness or subconsciousness what happened and what you learned and apply it.


Yes, it may be messier and crazier in real life but you get to have fun and shape things and situations the way you want to. BUT another thing that I learned a few months ago was that school, as I have said, isn’t the only teacher also the internet! I have learned that for school assignments not only books, or the teacher’s examples and definitions are helpful but searching in the internet is also great! You can see what other people do, other ways to describe something, ways to reach goals, etc. Take my life example of my elevator pitch (Is in spanish btw) but as I got an assignment I researched more about the subject and got really good ideas and got to know more about this experience.


So don’t just wait for exams to be over and have your life back, weeeeell you need to enjoy this time you have of vacations and free time before it is all over but, take school as a way to research about subjects out of it and try it in your classes and prove if it works or not, have some feedback.