There’s someone behind the screen

Why are parents so desperate now a days with their kids? Is it because now a days everything is so instantaneous, so fast that we can’t stand a bit of drama. Why is it that when a baby, yes a baby, cries we immediately put an iPad, iPhone, some screen in front of them? Yes, I get it that it helps but what about a one on one time with your kid, they seem to have a better relationship with screens than with their parents or other children. And then they complain why their children stay almost all their childhood and adolescence in the tv playing games, or texting in their phone. What is needed is to have a person next to babies and kids while watching screens and smart phone and talking them through it so they don’t feel entirely alone.

Technology should be use as a mean to calm and entertain, just a phase, and then get to the one on one time.  The problem with all this is that we are letting go personal relationships, feelings, emotions convert into text messages, emojis and really not feeling them at all. Yes, that jajajjaa you usually write is often written with a poker face, or not? We prefer messages than calls, messages than face 2 face meetings. Is that normal? Well since human beings are meant to be in social environments then not so much.

Well this is just my experience since I’ve been around with lots of kids with many types of education environments, just my humble opinion.