Tribes by Seth Godin

Tribes by Seth Godin

”We are changing the way ideas are created and implemented.”

Tribes are meant to connect people and ideas. What are tribes for? To connect with people with your same interests. They can change our society, not by forcé, but because they WANT to, it’s just finding something worth to fight for and connect tribes. You just need the number of people who believe in you, in your idea, the true believers. Tribes créate different ways to express, do, make, etc. The key is to find the people who already have needs but lack of a leader to organize them and follow them. It is vital as Marketeers to find this gut to identify needs that lack of a product/service/leader and unite them into a big, true and important tribe. That’s when you create loyalty to a brand, customer engagement, because we are only waiting for someone to lead us.


Tell a story- Connect a tribe- Leading a movement- Make a change

You need to ask yourself 3 things:

1)Who are you upsetting? Because that is a measurement of change.

2)Who are you connecting? Who lacks of the same things as you? Networking

3)Who are you leading? Know your team, customer, follower.


They challenge the status quote, build a culture that identifies each member of the group, and they commit to everything they do, think or say. They are innate, creative,

Start now, start today, because… why not?

Here is the incredible Ted Talk.