Why we believe in tutorials and blogs?

Why do we always  search for that one video that reviews products? Or confirms that excellent recipes can be done by all human beings? Well the truth is that we don’t really believe in anything anymore, that’s why we question everything, yes EVERYTHING! Even your name, you go and search for that meaning that YOU want your name to have and believe in it, as it defines who you are. But review blogs and YouTube videos are the reason why brands need to be in everything. Those girls that review products and do tutorial have the power to destroy or empower a brands loyalty of customers. The most important part is that when you’re watching or reading the critic you know that someone real has tested it and they are telling you if it works or not, how to use it, combine it and apply it. They know everything about the pros and cons and they give you the do’s and dont’s . Brands have bloggers test their products, review them and all because they have followers, believers yes they are Opinion Leaders! And everybody can do that.

For companies they have to realize where their customers are, who are they looking for the truth, how they see you and if they believe you. With today’s technology anything is possible, ANYTHING. That’s why tracking tools are so important for any feedback. It allows you to do somewhat focus groups, surveys and marketing research to know your audience, competition and NEED TO BE spots.

Yes there are videos that will tell you how to grow an audience, how to talk and convince and gain likes and followers and even subscriptions. That’s why you can be one if you learn how to talk properly and give your audience what they want with your own personal style. I started to love cooking because thanks to the  YouTube tutorials that showed me that all those book pictures can really be done, and by me! without collateral damages!

So yes, start looking for those web leaders that will help you believe in yourself and in others. Or be one! is really easy with now a days technology and globalization.