“I am tired of being first woman at doing things, it’s time I am 15th or 50th. Now a days we still face gender issues and we as women have to deal with guilt, expectations, and it’s a challenge for us but sometimes we have to laugh or else we’ll end up crying. We have to break stereotypes no matter the looks, background, education you have we can all be a leaders, it IS achievable. But confronting the problematic that women tend to share accomplishments in group and have a hard time owning greatness, saying yes thank you for my idea, my solution it’s a real issue now a days that relies within us. Being a woman is working 24/7  giving that extra effort in all 360° of life.” -Dr. Vianne Timmons, Top 100 most influential women in Canada.


Today I my university I came to hear Dr. Timmons and this was what really captioned my attention. It’s really impressive how women have lived through different environments, from discrimination and oppression to gender equality, but have we really gotten there yet? Or is there a fight that keeps going? Today at the metro I didn’t get a sit and had to stand up next to a couple, man and woman, that had sits. As an elderly person walked in the man sitting down offered his sit. Amazingly the offered was rejected and instead the grown man suggested that the sit was given to me (I think because I am a woman and courtesy still lives within some people) but nothing happened. That got me thinking that we, as women, have fought for many years for gender equality that we have never really stopped, never said enough. We are now living a reality that we cannot demand politeness, gallantry from men, because we are now equal. Being kind and thoughtful to a girl is no longer meaningful, for man and women because we no longer demand it and men no longer have to do it. We are all equals, what does that really mean?


But well, that drives into a whole new story. Dr. Timmons, after sharing her life experience, told us some tips to be successful as women in business:

1) Find mentors that you admire, male or/and female
2) Surround yourself with people who lift you up and not drown you down.
3) Take every opportunity that’s in your way until you are in a position that your decisions affect someone else.
4) Get engaged and involved, have a reputation of a Doer.
5) Speak out and speak up.
6) Rights can become choices.
7) Don’t ever apologize for  being a woman, celebrate it.

She then apologized for the world her generation has left us and told us, the younger audience, that it is our time to make a difference out there and that the university will provide us the tools to go out there and make a change.

It is really a subject to think about, every day by every one. Well it was a really good talk, laugh and time to think and write.